Canadian Medical Association

West Vancouver; Cambridge University (England), 1953; general practice. Died April 3, 2020, aged 92. Survived by 3 children and 4 grandchildren. “After his army service and practising in England, he immigrated to Canada and settled in Vancouver, where he was chief of medical staff at Lions Gate Hospital and had a bustling practice in West Vancouver. In the late ’70s his adventurous spirit took him to Stewart, BC, where he was the sole doctor for the employees and their families at the Granduc copper mine. He was on call for everything, from delivering countless babies, dealing with the aftermath of drunken brawls and conducting autopsies on dolphins on behalf of the Vancouver Aquarium, to caring for the British cast and crew on a glacier while they were shooting Bear Island. On his return to Vancouver, Dad worked for the CU&C Health Services Society in Vancouver, mentoring young doctors who, to this day, continue to pass on his clinical advice to their students.”

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