Canadian Medical Association

Ottawa; University of Toronto (U of T), 1958; internal medicine, pulmonary medicine; past president, Canadian Medical Association (CMA), Ontario Medical Association and Federation of Medical Women of Canada; former chair, Canadian Forces Health Services Council; former associate secretary general, CMA. Died March 21, 2020, aged 86. Survived by her husband, Dr. Danilo Antonio Guzman (Tony), 2 children and 4 grandchildren. “Starting university at the age of 16, having skipped elementary school grades, Carole made an impact. She graduated from the U of T Medical School in 1958, long before it was common for women to do so. Along the way she played basketball for the university and led a university-wide fundraising effort to benefit refugees to Canada. Carole’s achievements continued throughout her working life as a physician, serving for much of her career as a high-level civilian doctor at the National Defence Medical Centre in Ottawa. She founded a number of clinics, including the first Canadian outpatient rehab program for patients with chronic lung disease, and was part of the first Canadian team to assess the efficacy of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in 1963. She also taught medicine at the University of Ottawa. Carole was the rock of her family, teaching generosity, modesty and compassion. She inspired her children and others with her intellect, her resolve, and her pattern of breaking glass ceilings. The world could use more Caroles, teaching compassion, generosity, and integrity while demonstrating inspirational achievement and fearless determination.” When she retired as the CMA’s associate secretary general in 1999, CMAJ reported: “Dr. Carole Guzman, a trailblazer for women physicians who has a passionate interest in the evolution of Canada's health care system, has served the CMA for 20 years. She began as a committee member in 1979 and became a board alternate in 1984 and a board member in 1988. She was president of the Ontario Medical Association in 1989, and 2 years later assumed the CMA presidency. Guzman was the second woman to head both of these organizations.”

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