Canadian Medical Association

Kamloops, BC; University of Alberta, 1958; family medicine. Died May 23, 2020, aged 91. Survived by his wife Jessie, 4 daughters and 2 grandchildren. “Sterling wanted to go into education, but his father, a dental surgeon, suggested he study medicine, like his sister Shirley had. Between the 2 of them, they practised for 100 years. Public health was a calling for Sterling. He interned in California at the Oakland Medical Center’s Emergency Room, then worked in high-need areas like Williams Lake in BC and rural Alabama in the American Deep South. As a young doctor, he thrived at the Burris Clinic in Kamloops. Wherever he practised, he never said no to a consultation. He did rounds at prisons. He ran a VD clinic. He was the ‘Hockey Doc’ for the Kamloops Blazers. Once he counted the number of babies he had delivered — hundreds, he thought, maybe a thousand. His clinic was everywhere, and travel his only down time. Retirement didn’t suit Sterling. He took on locums and then evaluated workers’ compensation claims. For his immediate family, his peers in medicine and his wide circle of friends, he was always the go-to for any ailment. Even at his retirement home, he was happy to give a second opinion.”

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