Canadian Medical Association

Fredericton; Dalhousie University, 1995; family medicine. Died Sept. 18, 2020, aged 61. Survived by his wife, Karen Spragg, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. “Michael’s career path began in forestry when he entered the forestry program at the University of New Brunswick, and graduated in 1982. This was a natural fit for him as he loved nature — trees, flowers, rocks, soil, the list goes on. He loved the smell of the earth and the soil between his fingers. Michael began a second career in medicine at Dalhousie University. He graduated in 1995 and began working in private family practice in the United States. Michael arrived in Fredericton during the fall of 2007 and accepted a position as director of the first hospitalist program at the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital. He diligently, persistently, passionately and successfully nurtured the program, as well as numerous medical students and residents. He enjoyed the challenge of providing the best care for his patients. He loved interacting with the team — nurses, doctors, pharmacists and all the support staff. As he would tell you, ‘This isn’t work — I am lucky to get to do this job every day.’ ”

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