Canadian Medical Association

Kelowna, BC; University of Toronto, 1952; pediatrics. Died Feb. 24, 2020, aged 93. Survived by his wife Elaine, 4 children and 6 grandchildren. “The family moved to Kelowna in 1954, and Cliff started practising medicine. In 1958 they moved back to Toronto for Cliff’s specialty training, and in 1961 the family returned to Kelowna. There, Cliff became the Okanagan Valley’s first pediatrician and built their new home, which they lived in for 57 years. A true Kelowna medical pioneer, he practised full time until 1992. After retirement he ran the continuing medical education program at the Kelowna General Hospital until 2006. In recognition of his contributions to medical education in the city, the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) medical school library at the Kelowna General Hospital was named after him in 2010. He also co-founded and developed the Okanagan Neurological Association, now known as the Starbright Children’s Development Centre. Cliff was instrumental in building an organization that today services special-needs children throughout the region. For his work in this area he was recognized in 2015 by the BC Association for Child Development and Intervention, which presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.”

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