Canadian Medical Association

Winnipeg; University of Belgrade (Yugoslavia), 1952; psychiatry. Died July 25, 2017, aged 92. Survived by 2 daughters and 6 grandchildren. "After several years of general practice under the warm sun in Haifa, Israel, she moved to Winnipeg in 1960, in the middle of January. She immediately considered the possibility that she had just made the worst decision of her life. However, she soon acclimatized and came to love the city that became her home for the next 57 years. During the first few years in Winnipeg life was humble. She commuted daily by bus to the Selkirk Mental Health Centre (SMHC), where she worked full time while raising a young family and studying for her Royal College specialty examinations. She qualified after her first attempt and was then appointed as a staff consultant at SMHC. With firm loyalty to the centre, she continued her daily bus ride to Selkirk for the next 25 years, retiring from practice in 1988."

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