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Even if participants walk away with one new thought that inspires or challenges them to enjoy and to grow in what they do as professionals, it will be worth it.

– Dr. Brian Brodie, CMA Board chair

Physicians live in a world that is more connected than ever. Technology has given us access to limitless amounts of information, ideas and people. But how do we make these connections matter?  How do we turn virtual concepts into real solutions? The inaugural CMA Health Summit is being created as a place where these transformations can happen; where medical professionals, thought leaders, innovators and policy-makers can come together to build a better health care future.

“The Health Summit is the next phase of the CMA journey,” said Dr. Brian Brodie, CMA Board chair.  “We’ve got young and old, physicians and non-physicians, who are going to challenge us in how we practise medicine, and help lead us into the next decade of huge change.”

Innovation and how it can help — or hinder — better health care is the theme of the Health Summit, and there are wide variety of speakers, with a range of backgrounds, who will be sharing their ideas. Astronaut Chris Hadfield will be a keynote, talking about how to dream big and shoot for exponential change. Patient advocate Judith John will share her vision for how innovation can foster patient-centred care.

There will also be discussions about the challenges facing the health care system: for example, how do we move beyond “the pilot project” to scale up successful innovation, and how can innovation help improve Indigenous health? 

“The Health Summit has got one foot in the present problems, and one foot in the future technologies that may provide an opportunity to solve some of these problems,” explained Dr. Brodie.

Summit participants will also have many opportunities to share their ideas: through Qs and As at the end of speaker and panel presentations, and at Open Dialogue sessions, where the CMA will capture their perspectives to help frame future policy work.

Grand Central, a brand-new feature that will run throughout the Summit, is an informal space where participants can speak one-on-one with presenters and panelists, and where PTMAs and others will be showcasing innovations in their province, territory or sector.

There will also be some creative sessions, including a music jam with Chris Hadfield.

As part of our 2020 plan, the CMA is committed to leading courageous and influential conversations about health, and being bold in advocating about the issues that matter to the profession and the public.  This inaugural Health Summit is a place to start these conversations — we hope you will join us.

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