Canadian Medical Association

St. John’s; Yonsei University (South Korea), 1956; family medicine. Died May 10, 2020, aged 90. Survived by his wife, Suk-Gue, 5 children and 9 grandchildren. “After his training in South Korea and New York, he and Suk-Gue eventually moved to Old Perlican, Trinity Bay, in 1966 to start his Newfoundland career. In later years he often reflected that ‘it felt like he was going home.’ In 1968 he started to work in the Brookfield Cottage Hospital, New-Wes-Valley, Bonavista Bay, where he stayed for 25-plus years. While there, he established a lasting legacy of compassion, caring, and medical/surgical excellence, all accented with a clinical acumen that was unmatched. He was, by all accounts, an excellent mentor to the medical and nursing students and family practice residents who happened to venture into his orbit. Over the course of his 45-year medical career he achieved many great accomplishments, but a notable one was receiving the 1988 Canadian Family Physician of the Year Award, the first time that this prestigious award had been presented to a Newfoundland doctor. This award best represented his special relationship and commitment to his adopted country, province and outport home, in Brookfield.” VOCM Radio reported: “His commitment and care to the people of the area was so respected and appreciated that the Brookfield Hospital was renamed the Dr. Y.K. Jeon Kittiwake Health Centre in his honour in 2015.”

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