Canadian Medical Association

West Vancouver; University of Oregon (US), 1952; plastic surgery. Died Nov. 17, 2017, aged 96. Survived by 2 sons and 3 grandsons. “During the war, Neville interrupted his studies at the University of British Columbia to serve in the Canadian army, and when the war ended he studied medicine. After many years in family practice, Neville and his young family moved to Britain for specialty training in plastic and reconstructive surgery. In 1963 he returned to North Vancouver, where he continued in practise until his retirement in 1986.” A former patient wrote: “[After a boating accident] I was rushed to Lions Gate emergency, and believe me it was my lucky day [because] Dr. Jones and a bone specialist, Dr. Gelpke, were just coming out of a prior surgery. They took me in immediately and did the required work. When I look at my hand, and arm, today, I am forever grateful to them.”

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