Canadian Medical Association

Kamloops, BC; University of Toronto, 1968; internal medicine, respirology. Died Feb. 23, 2019, aged 75. Survived by his wife Robin, 2 sons and 4 grandchildren. “Dennis moved to Kamloops in 1975 and spent 35 years practising cardiopulmonary and critical care medicine. He was also instrumental in establishing the School of Respiratory Therapy at Thompson Rivers University. Dennis gave his heart and soul to treating his fellow Kamloops residents, and his dedication to his job cost him his health when he contracted hepatitis C. With the extraordinary gift of life though organ donation, he was able to live another 12 years. Dennis was highly respected for his medical knowledge and professionalism, had a great sense of humour and was always good for a soundbite when the local media needed an opinion. His efforts touched the lives of many, and made this small part of the world a better place.”

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