Canadian Medical Association

Ottawa; University of Alberta, 1986; family medicine. Died May 16, 2018, aged 59, “after an un-choreographed dance with breast cancer.” Survived by a son and her son’s father, Bert Buettner. “After leaving medical school her goal to become bilingual by moving to Quebec temporarily, and then to return to small-town Alberta to serve the French community, never materialized. She did become fluent in French, but settled into life in Montréal, then Gatineau, Que. In Québec she had success as an assistant professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill, where she taught residents and students about low-risk obstetrics and old-fashioned cradle-to-grave family practice. Former trainees still remember the wisdom and common sense she shared. She had 30 years of caring for families, sometimes 4 generations at a time, and treasured every day as one in which she could help somebody. She was much loved by patients, colleagues and staff, and was gratified to have served in French.”

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