Canadian Medical Association

Parksville, BC; Temple University (US), 1969; hematology. Died July 20, 2019, aged 81. “After completing the nursing program at the Vancouver General Hospital in 1958, Penny went on to the University of British Columbia and received a bachelor of science in nursing in 1959. [Later] Penny attended Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, graduating in 1969 and then completing her internship and residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montréal. In 1971 she returned to Philadelphia to further her research in hematology and oncology, and in 1978 became assistant professor of pediatrics at the UPenn School of Medicine, all the while treating children living with cancers like leukemia at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. By 1980 she was associate director of the Pediatric Transplant Team, which focused on stem cell transplantation. In 1981, Penny was recruited by McGill University to help build a transplant team at the Montréal Children’s Hospital and teach pediatrics and oncology at the Faculty of Medicine. In 1998 she moved to Vancouver to support her parents, and continued her medical practice at the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. Over the course of her career she published numerous papers dealing with the care of children with cancer. She retired in 2002.”

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