Canadian Medical Association

Boucherville, Que.; Université Laval, 1967; medical administration; MBA; former director, professional affairs, Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont, Montréal; former secretary general, Canadian Medical Association (CMA); recipient, CMA Medal of Service. Died March 6, 2019, aged 79. Survived by his second wife, Claudette Savoie, 3 children, and his grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When he was awarded the Medal of Service in 2013 for “outstanding and exceptional contribution to the advancement of health care in Canada,” then CMA President Anna Reid commented: “Over his 13 years as secretary general of the CMA, Dr. Landry breathed new life into the organization and transformed it into a proud, influential and truly national voice for Canadian physicians. His exceptional contribution to the advancement of health care in Canada makes him deserving of the CMA Medal of Service.” When he retired from the CMA in 1999 after serving as secretary general for 13 years, CMAJ wrote: “Landry was one of the first Canadian physicians to earn an MBA (1972). When asked why he decided to move to the CMA, he said: ‘I’m a builder and I wanted to build something. I thought I could bring entrepreneurship and innovation to an organization that had not realized its potential. . . . I need to feel that my organization is doing as well serving physicians as I feel physicians are doing serving their own patients. Today the individuals of medicine — the physicians — are doing well. It is the collective, the medical profession itself, which needs more work.’ ”

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