Canadian Medical Association

Calgary; University of Alberta, 1968; family medicine. Died Oct. 18, 2017, aged 84. Survived by 3 children, 2 grandchildren and a great-grandchild. “A late entrant to medical school, Dad graduated at age 35 and subsequently became a member of the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. He served with The Black Watch-Royal Highland Regiment of Canada, an association of which he was justifiably proud, particularly the blue beret he earned as a peacekeeper in Cyprus. When he left the army we moved to Calgary, where he joined the Associate Clinic and embarked on a general practice. During this time he developed a habit of inviting interns from the University of Calgary to participate in his practice. Later, this was formalized and he became a professor with the university, teaching family practice out of the Holy Cross Hospital. When he left Holy Cross he pursued an interest in geriatrics, and did not formally stop practising until around age 75.”

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