Canadian Medical Association

Winnipeg; University of Manitoba, 1977; family medicine. Died Jan. 8, 2018, aged 64. “After working as a primary care physician at the Health Sciences Centre for several years, Moe became director of emergency services at Seven Oaks Hospital and held that position for over a decade. During the same period, he was medical director of the City of Winnipeg Ambulance and Paramedic Services. He served as a consultant to the Health Reform Office, which helped to fashion, among other things, the regional health authority system, and as medical director of the Aboriginal Health and Wellness Centre. Moe was also a lecturer and associate professor of medicine at the University of Manitoba, and he combined his comedic and musical talents with his medical knowledge to become a highly successful medical expert on CBC Radio. As well, he was a leader in the fight for the rights of the obese, and was internationally renowned for his work.” When Dr. Jon Gerrard introduced legislation dealing with obesity in the Manitoba Legislature in 2016, he commented: “Madam Speaker, I want to begin my remarks on Bill 207 by acknowledging the contributions of Dr. Moe Lerner to this bill. He’s helped me to understand the nature of the prejudice and discrimination which those who are obese can be subject to.”

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