Canadian Medical Association

Mississauga, Ont.; University of Toronto (U of T), 1950; diagnostic radiology. Died March 30, 2020, aged 93. Survived by her children and grandchildren. “After medical school Doreen went into family practice with a fellow classmate, and worked delivering the babies of the baby boom, working at hospitals throughout the Greater Toronto Area to get enough maternity beds to handle all her patients. When she had her second child she decided she needed a job where she got some sleep at night, and so she went to U of T to study radiology. She trained with some of the pioneers of the subject at Sunnybrook and other local hospitals. Later, the family moved to Ghana, West Africa, for 2 years to teach medicine. This was followed by 4 years in Uganda. For a time, Doreen was the only radiologist in the country! She loved living and working in Africa, making friends with the locals and people from other countries who were working in the countries we lived in.”

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