Canadian Medical Association

Fort Frances, Ont.; University of Glasgow (Scotland), 1958; obstetrics and gynecology. Died Oct. 26, 2018, aged 88. Survived by his wife Carole, 8 children and 15 grandchildren. “At 18 Gus entered the engineering branch of the Royal Navy, a natural fit for a young man raised around farm equipment, boats and the sea. He rose to the modest rank of stoker first class, and as such saw substantially more of coal stores and boiler rooms than of any starry tropical skies. After completing his national service, he was accepted into university. In August 1971, the burgeoning MacKintosh clan immigrated to Canada and settled in Fort Frances, where Dr. Mac began work at the LaVerendrye General Hospital and the Fort Frances Clinic, places where he formed some of his strongest personal and professional bonds. On Sept. 30, 2010, at age 80 and after 39 years of being the lone ob/gyn specialist in the district, he took a northern physician’s version of early retirement. It has been estimated that during his career he delivered more than 10,000 babies, occasionally spanning 3 generations of some families.”