Canadian Medical Association

Mississauga, Ont.; Dalhousie University, 1963; general practice. Died of cancer July 10, 2021, aged 84. Survived by 4 daughters and 3 granddaughters. “Ben was born in Trinidad and went to medical school at Dalhousie. With a special interest in emergency medicine, surgery, obstetrics and family practice, he worked as an ER physician in Trinidad & Tobago for a year, and then returned to Canada. He joined the emergency and family medicine staff at the Queensway General Hospital in Toronto. He practised there and also held the positions of chief of family medicine (1974-84) and president of the medical staff (1986). He also served on the Board of Governors. While practising ER medicine, he maintained a family medicine practice on Brown’s Line, Toronto, until 2012, when he retired on account of his cancer. Ben loved practising medicine and cherished all his patients, colleagues, fellow staff and peers. They brought much happiness to his life.”

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