Canadian Medical Association

Coldbrook, NS; Victoria University of Manchester (England); otolaryngology. Died May 24, 2021, aged 89. Survived by his wife, Janet Coates, his ex-wife, Terry, their 4 children, and 3 grandchildren. “Simon had a long and illustrious career as a surgeon, specializing in ENT and head and neck cancer. His practice took him from England to Hong Kong, Bermuda, Monserrat, Michigan, Toronto, small villages and towns in Northern Ontario, and various parts of his more recently adopted home of Nova Scotia. His patient care and compassion bespoke a life of commitment to his chosen field. One of the greatest achievements in his medical career was in creating a surgical technique and a series of exercises to repair brass players’ torn lip muscle (Satchmo’s syndrome). Although many other operative methods and means of treatment to cancer patients were significant, that lip repair was the one of which he was most proud. Before medicine, he played professionally in the UK Premier League as a goalkeeper. He also went on to serve as a team doctor for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Team Canada, making many lifelong friends. Simon touched many lives across the country and around the world; and he left a lasting legacy.”

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