Canadian Medical Association

Coquitlam, BC; University College of Dublin (Ireland), 1967; family medicine. Died of brain cancer Sept. 12, 2019, aged 77. Survived by his wife Helen, 3 children and 6 grandchildren. “Before becoming a physician he had years of fun (and Guinness) while playing piano at an Irish pub during his university years. Following his graduation from medical school in Dublin, he moved to Canada in 1968. He spent 2 years in Toronto before moving to Hope, BC, in 1970. Brian was an exceptional family physician and was known for his kindness and compassion, and the respectful and diligent care he gave to his patients. He worked in his general practice until 2014, and then worked with the elderly at the Belvedere Care Home. He retired in February 2019, and immediately following his retirement he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.”

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