Canadian Medical Association

Hamilton; McMaster University, 1996; family medicine. Died June 25, 2021, aged 57. Survived by her partner, Phil Rose, and her siblings. “Ainsley was a force to be reckoned with on issues of gender and racial equality in the medical field and beyond. She was a champion for friends and family, and for colleagues and peers, but most importantly she was a champion for the exploited and marginalized. She did her advocacy work not through hashtags on social media, but rather through her teachings as a professor and researcher at McMaster University. This advocacy included, and was complemented by, an extensive list of published and peer-reviewed journal articles. As vice-chair, then chair-elect, Ainsley was poised to assume leadership of the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care, shaping policies and screening procedures, with an emphasis on women’s health. As a practitioner and proprietor of Canada’s largest independent women’s clinics, including Mississauga Women’s Clinic, Hamilton Women’s Clinic and the Canadian Women’s Clinic, [she employed] evidence-based medicine and care for women’s health and women’s rights. At the Stone Church Family Health Centre at McMaster University, she practised family medicine with care and compassion for her patients, while also guiding the next generation of family doctors. Ainsley was a scholar, an academic, an educator and an extraordinarily talented practitioner. She made everyone who knew her proud.”

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