Canadian Medical Association

Saskatoon; University of Saskatchewan, 1976; anesthesiology. Died April 30, 2020, aged 75. Survived by his wife Nina, 2 children and 3 grandchildren. “Following completion of his residency, Dennis obtained a position as clinical assistant professor with the Department of Anesthesia at the University Hospital in Saskatoon from 1981-82, and he enjoyed teaching the medical undergraduate students during their rotation through the department. In 1982 he accepted a position with the Department of Anesthesia at St. Paul’s Hospital, and he enjoyed his work there with a variety of patients and providing their surgical/anesthesia/obstetrical care. He was also involved in establishing the epidural service for labour and delivery in the Department of Obstetrics. In 1989, Dennis suffered a grand mal seizure and required hospitalization. A CT scan revealed a large left parietal tumour. A craniotomy revealed a large brain abscess (the result of an infected dental root canal) that was drained. The following years included seizures and significant neurocognitive impairment, which resulted in his resignation from St. Paul’s.”

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