Canadian Medical Association

Owen Sound, Ont.; University of Western Ontario, 1949; general surgery. Died June 8, 2022, aged 96. Survived by 4 daughters, 10 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. “Ted was born in Hamilton, the last of 10 children. His father died of TB 2 weeks after his birth. His heroic mother kept her sanity and provided love through a cascade of devastating calamities, including the death of 5 of her children from now vaccine-preventable illnesses. After earning his degree and taking post-graduate training in Montréal, Ted started a surgical practice at Wellesley Hospital in Toronto, and taught at the University of Toronto. He moved to McMaster University as a professor in 1972, with his surgical practice at the McMaster University Medical Centre and Henderson Hospital. In 1977 he moved to Ottawa, where he became chief of general surgery at the Ottawa Civic Hospital and University of Ottawa. During sabbaticals he provided medical services to the Grenfell Mission (St. Anthony, NL) and Care Medico (Indonesia, Malaysia), and in Honduras. After a sabbatical in Japan in 1968, he was the first physician to introduce fibreoptic endoscopy to Canadian surgeons. In 1985 he retired from surgery and joined the Canadian Medical Protective Association as a medical expert. He retired from that role in 1992.”

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