Canadian Medical Association

Kingsburg, NS; McGill University, 1960; pediatric surgery. Died Feb. 24, 2021, aged 88, from congestive heart failure due to amyloidosis. Survived by his wife, Dr. Sonia Salisbury, 3 children and 4 grandchildren. “David began his professional career as a veterinarian. Before long, he was back in school at McGill University to study medicine. In 1973 the family moved to Nova Scotia, where David took a position as a cardiac surgeon at the IWK Hospital in Halifax. David had a profound impact on the way cardiac surgery is practised in the Maritimes. He founded the Maritime Heart Centre, which continues to provide clinical and material support for cardiac patients. He served on more than 20 provincial and national committees, including the Canadian Heart Foundation and the Executive Council of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He received numerous research grants and had numerous publications, and was especially proud of his widely-published work with Dr. Drew Armour on the neural control of the heart. After ‘retirement’ he got his bachelor of fine arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and for beer money he took shifts in the OR with his old colleagues. His honours included McLaughlin and James IV travelling fellowships. As well, he was awarded senior membership with Doctors NS and a Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Medical Association. One of his other honours requires further citation. On a business card, he wrote: ‘Purveyor of Lamb to Pope John Paul II.’ Technically this was true — by way of his good friend Dr. John Sullivan, some of Dave’s lamb from his flock in Kingsburg made it to the head table when the Pope visited Halifax in 1984.”

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