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With the federal election just three months away, the CMA is launching a new program to help physicians get involved in calling for health care change – both during and after the campaign.

The CMA Advocacy Caucus is for physicians and medical learners with an interest in grassroots advocacy. Members can decide how often and in what ways to get involved − whether it’s joining a letter-writing campaign, sharing messages of support on social media or meeting with elected officials.

Members who enrol in the program will receive “calls to action” on a variety of CMA advocacy and policy issues. The first campaign, for example, coincides with the end of the Parliamentary session: Members of the CMA Advocacy Caucus are urged to email their Member of Parliament, thanking them for their work and encouraging them to make health a focus of their upcoming campaign.

Moving forward, CMA Advocacy Caucus members will also receive support through the program to connect directly with their Member of Parliament on issues of their choosing.

With the CMA pushing federal parties to put health back on the agenda, program members can expect to receive more calls to action in the months ahead – to connect with candidates and eventually, the new sitting Members of Parliament.

Interested members can join the CMA Advocacy Caucus by visiting

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