Canadian Medical Association

TORONTO, August 7 – The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) will release new findings on a growing healthcare generation gap driven by Canadians aged 18-34. The report will make the case for the need to accelerate technology and innovation in healthcare, from a policy and implementation perspective.


Tuesday, August 14 5:55 a.m. EST via Canada Newswire (CNW).


  • Results from a CMA-commissioned poll revealing discrepancies in how the Google Generation (Canadians 18-34) manages and tracks their health compared to Canadians 55+
  • The surprising number of self-reported health care-related visits by the Google Generation
  • How patients are embracing technology and the challenge for Canada's healthcare system to catch up
  • Canadians patients' readiness for increased use of AI and virtual care
  • How privacy concerns fare against the enthusiasm for more technology
  • The CMA will be hosting a 2-day Health Summit focused on innovation and technology for a future of better health in Winnipeg (August 20-21).


  • Dr. Gigi Osler, President-elect (Winnipeg)
  • Dr. Laurent Marcoux, CMA President (Montreal)
  • Dr. Jeff Blackmer, CMA Vice President, Medical Professionalism (Ottawa)
  • Zayna Khayat, Future Strategist (Toronto)
  • Philip Edgcumbe, Health Innovator, clinician-scientist

For further information: Elissa Freeman Phone: 416-565-5605 E-mail:; Holly Roy (Western Canada), 780.991.2323