Canadian Medical Assocation

Ottawa (ON) – The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is pleased to announce the appointment of a new Board of Directors for CMA Investco Inc. (Investco). The board will oversee the investment and management of CMA assets, including the proceeds from the sale of MD Financial Management.

The Investco board composition is gender balanced and assembles individuals with extensive experience in the investment industry and the expertise required to manage the financial assets under its purview.

Members of the new Board of Directors include:

  • Anne-Marie O’Donovan
  • Jill Pepall
  • Gaelen Morphet
  • George Vasic
  • Rob Jeffery
  • Tim Smith, CEO, Canadian Medical Association

Directors were selected through an extensive recruitment process. The Investco Board will report to CMAH 2018 Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CMA, which has the mandate of overseeing all CMA subsidiaries in alignment with the high-level strategy and principles set by the CMA.

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