Canadian Medical Association

A document leaked by an external stakeholder earlier this week to the National Post resulted in the publication of a story that misrepresented the CMA’s position related to the pandemic and ongoing public health measures.

Every day, using the best evidence available, the CMA evaluates and assesses Canada's pandemic responses and how it can contribute to improving the country’s approach. The unpublished document that was leaked to the National Post aimed to encourage provinces and territories to resist the temptation to ease public health measures prematurely in order to avoid a fourth wave of the pandemic and continue to target areas of concern. The document did not recommend a specific timeline for easing restrictions, nor did it call for an “indefinite” lockdown in jurisdictions where these measures are not currently in place. The document did acknowledge hope for a better fall if restrictions remained as needed during the summer months.  

At a time when inaccurate and misleading information is causing significant public concern, the CMA is disappointed by the publication of this story.

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