Canadian Medical Association

As COVID-19 has exposed troubling gaps in Canada’s health care system and left many people on the sidelines, the CMA has been busy developing an action plan and setting the course for bold changes in Canadian health care.

The 2021 CMA Health Summit Series is a virtual, interactive event exploring what is needed to rebuild health care for the future. The insights gained from participants will inform the CMA’s bold plan for improving health, health systems and the health workforce.

The first session in this series will be held on Tuesday, May 18 from 6:00 to 8:30pm ET. It is titled Canada's universal health care system – myth or reality?

In this virtual session, keynote speakers Dr. Danielle Martin and Dr. Nadine Caron will explore the gaps that COVID-19 has exposed in Canada’s health care system and the steps needed to rebuild it. They will be joined by Globe & Mail health reporter André Picard and patient advocate Sudi Barre for a panel discussion on universal health care and how to ensure a more equitable system moving forward.

Media who are interested in covering this discussion should contact the CMA media relations team:

More information on the CMA’s Health Summit Series can be found here.

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