Canadian Medical Association

As COVID-19 vaccine supplies increase and provinces and territories continue to rollout the largest mass immunization effort in history, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has launched a campaign to reach Canadians who have questions about COVID-19 vaccines. A key pillar of the campaign is, where questions from Canadians about the COVID-19 vaccines are answered.

“Vaccines alone don’t save lives, vaccinations do,” says Dr. Ann Collins, CMA president. “Doctors play a key role in providing information to Canadians who may have questions given the broad interest in the COVID-19 vaccines.” 

A survey by Abacus Data found that 62 per cent of people in Canada would get vaccinated as soon as possible or have already been vaccinated, but 38 per cent of Canadians show some degree of vaccine hesitancy. Respondents also said information from their family doctor could help address their hesitancy about whether to get vaccinated. 

In addition to digital advertisements, the campaign will also feature videos on common questions about the COVID-19 vaccine on the CMA’s Facebook and Instagram channels. A list of resources has also been compiled to support physicians in their conversations with patients on the benefits of vaccination. A final pillar of the campaign will feature the work of physicians as they contribute to tackling vaccine hesitancy in their respective communities and areas of practice.

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