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Are you concerned about Alberta’s doctors? We are.

This year has been difficult for Albertans.

History tells us that the best way to get through difficult times is by doing it together. This is especially so when difficult times include a pandemic. 

Fortunately, health care workers including physicians have responded to the challenge and maintained our health care system — in hospitals and our communities, in person and virtually. Alberta doctors, like all Canadian doctors, are upholding their commitment to the public despite the risk of infection and serious illness.

I know that Albertans are thankful for the health care professionals that make it their duty to provide care 24/7. Albertans have expressed their appreciation in so many ways — and on behalf of physicians, we thank you. 

In 2020, Alberta physicians haven’t just been faced with defending Albertans against COVID-19. They have been doing so within a health care system plagued with access to care and physician health and wellness issues, while also having to defend themselves against their own provincial government.

At a time when other provinces have found ways to support health care providers caring for their citizens, Alberta’s government has employed pressure tactics against physicians, devaluing their role in keeping Albertans healthy in and outside of this pandemic.

And, while physicians in other provinces have experienced open lines of communication with their governments — something understood to be essential in a public health crisis — Alberta’s government has refused to collaborate. At a time when all efforts must be on defeating COVID-19, the Alberta government’s efforts have undermined doctors.

Physicians will continue to fight COVID-19, as the pandemic is far from over. They will continue to protect Albertans and care for them. That’s what physicians do.

The Canadian Medical Association understands that the Alberta government is facing unprecedented challenges and believes in the opportunity of health care reform. We also believe that the only path to successful change will be one of collaboration and communication — with physicians and all health care workers, as well as all other Albertans.

We join the Alberta Medical Association in calling on the Alberta government to collaborate with physicians. Albertans deserve better.

If you’re concerned about Alberta’s doctors and believe there’s a better way forward, please use our letter-writing tool to share your concerns with the Alberta government.

Dr. Sandy Buchman
CMA President

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