Canadian Medical Association

On behalf of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA), I congratulate you on your re-election as a Member of Parliament and Prime Minister of Canada.

Canadians have had their say. The federal mandate to improve Canada’s struggling health care systems and lead our collective pandemic response is clear.

Now we must urgently turn to the important business to fulfill this mandate, charting a sustainable course for our health future. It is time to reframe health in Canada.

During the election campaign, the Liberal Party under your leadership made important commitments to Canadians. The CMA strongly supports your commitments to invest $25 billion in new health funding to support:

  • Finishing the fight against COVID-19
  • A health care system for everyone
  • Access to family doctors and primary care
  • Continuing progress on reconciliation

As the fourth wave progresses, with increasing concerns in many jurisdictions across Canada, federal action is urgently needed to ensure that appropriate public health measures are in place, vaccination rates continue to increase and our most vulnerable are protected.

Health care workers and patients across the country face harassment and dangerous demonstrations at health care facilities across the country. The CMA urges immediate attention to protect the safety and wellbeing of health care workers and their patients.

Looking ahead to the federal government’s priorities for Budget 2022, a clear plan to increasing federal investment in our publicly funded health care systems is overdue. Underpinning these systems are our health workers themselves.

There is no health care without health care workers. Levels of burnout and increasing shortages have escalated. We must prioritize federal leadership to ensure immediate investment in pan-Canadian health workforce planning and resources.

The CMA stands ready to work with your government to immediately advance these priorities. On behalf of our 80,000 physician and medical learner members from across the country, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your cabinet to discuss this mandate.

Dr. Katharine Smart, CMA President

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