Canadian Medical Association

Each year, Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate the LGBTQ2S+ community while also acknowledging that much remains to be done to achieve a more inclusive society. 

At the CMA, we are working to identify and address organizational barriers to LGBTQ2S+ inclusion in medicine and by extension, in society. In March 2020, we launched a policy on equity and diversity in medicine in an effort to continually improve medical culture and patient care. We worked collaboratively with a pan-Canadian group of physicians, medical learners and stakeholders to develop a set of guiding principles and recommendations to help advance equity and diversity in medicine. Physician leaders, medical organizations and institutions are urged to embrace a policy that stresses accountability, transparency, research and unbiased hiring practices.

The CMA believes equity and diversity is a shared responsibility. Its when we work together and promote inclusivity that our profession is stronger and healthier to provide the best care for our patients.

Dr. Sandy Buchman, CMA President

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