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Together with organizations representing nurses, social workers and pharmacists, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is calling on government to better protect and support the country’s care workers during the pandemic.

The CMA, Canadian Nurses Association, Canadian Association of Social Workers, Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association and Canadian Pharmacists Association partnered on a joint letter sent today to the prime minister and the chair of the Council of the Federation, made up of the 13 provincial and territorial premiers. 

In the letter, the associations recognize the measures that governments across the country have already taken to minimize the spread of COVID-19 but underscore that more must be done to keep care providers safe.

Specifically, they recommend that all levels of government: 

  • put measures in place to ensure personal protective equipment is made immediately available for point-of-care providers, and share clear, consistent information and guidelines on its appropriate use;

  • provide emergency funding and support to point-of-care providers to assist them with childcare needs, wage losses due to falling ill or having to be quarantined, and support their mental health needs during and after the pandemic; and 

  • work together to provide timely, accessible, evidence-based information on the pandemic specifically for health care providers.

“We ask that you consider any and all available options to support health care providers through a coordinated effort both during and following this crisis.”
-    Joint letter to First Ministers from the CMA, CNA, CASW, CINA and CPhA

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