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The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is standing behind the Alberta Medical Association’s (AMA) court challenge to protect the Charter rights of physicians in Alberta.

Despite the association’s efforts to maintain open communications with the provincial government, physicians in Alberta have been denied access to a meaningful and effective process of negotiation and, failing agreement, to an independent third-party dispute resolution process.

In a statement released earlier today, CMA President Dr. Sandy Buchman expressed support for their decision.

“To have to resort to court challenges is disappointing for the medical community,” stated Dr. Buchman, “particularly amid the fight against COVID-19. We’re seeing tremendous efforts by physicians and all health care workers to care for those fallen ill with the virus, while looking after patients who continue to require immediate care.”

Last fall, the Alberta government passed Bill 21, legislation that allows the province to unilaterally end current contracts with the AMA. On Feb. 20, the province terminated its contract with doctors more than five weeks before it was set to expire. Today, the AMA served the Minister of Health with a Statement of Claim for a constitutional challenge on behalf of their members.

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