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Canada’s health care is in crisis. The Omicron variant has pushed an already struggling system to its breaking point — underscoring the urgent need to address wait times and backlogs for service, ensure equitable access to care, and support a healthier and more agile workforce.

Canadians have talked about health care reform for decades. Now is the time to lead the change. Join us at the 2022 CMA Health Summit Series as we kick off bold conversations on how to do health care differently in Canada during COVID and beyond.

Registration opens today for the first session — Harnessing our collective will to rebuild health care — on Mar. 29 from 8 to 9 pm ET.

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At this Twitter Spaces event, CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart will moderate a panel discussion about this once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a more innovative, responsive and patient-centred health system.

Family physician Dr. Tara Kiran and general surgeon Dr. David Urbach will introduce strategies for reforming primary care and clearing Canada’s surgical backlog. Dr. Nel Wieman, president of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada, will share new models of care from BC. And health care activist Sue Robins will speak to the critical need to involve of patients in decision-making.

“This is health care leadership’s big chance to reach out and authentically engage patients and communities. Engagement goes beyond listening. It’s about taking action based on what you’ve learned. Most importantly, engagement is about doing things together.” – Sue Robins, Health Summit panelist

In May, two other Health Summit sessions — one in English in partnership with The Globe and Mail and one in French in collaboration with l’Université de Montréal — will focus on how to create a health system that is an engine for economic growth.

In June, the final Health Summit session will explore how to rebuild the health workforce, including recruiting, training and retaining future health care workers. This virtual session will include small, interactive breakout groups where participants can exchange ideas on specific workforce issues. These insights will inform the CMA’s work on health human resources.

“Fixing the health system won’t be easy – but now’s the time to push for care that’s innovative, responsive and timely, and to create supports for a healthy, agile workforce.” – Dr. Katharine Smart, CMA president


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