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Taking the stage in the UK last week, Dr. Gigi Osler called on leaders in medicine to help foster gender equity and advancement.

“When something negative happens, particularly to a learner, the responsibility for calling it out and dealing with it shouldn’t just fall on them — those of us in positions of power and privilege have to know how to respond so students feel valued and safe,” she said.

Dr. Osler was in London to launch The Lancet’s special issue on Advancing Women in Science, Medicine, and Global Health. Along with panelists from the UK, US and Sudan, Dr. Osler used the forum to discuss gender bias in medicine and science, and the changes needed at the institutional level to help women move into leadership positions. She also shared the CMA’s current work on this issue, highlighting the development of a new policy to promote increased equity and diversity in medicine.

“Part of my job is to go around the country and tell doctors and residents and medical students that a policy is a lever for action and for change,” Dr. Osler told the international audience. “And what we at the CMA need to do is enable them to use it.”

How can members get involved?

  • Read our consultation paper Addressing Gender Equity and Diversity in Canada’s Medical Profession: A Review, developed by the CMA in consultation with the Federation of Medical Women of Canada (FMWC)
  • Help shape the CMA's new policy on equity and diversity in medicine by joining the online discussion, open to all CMA members until April 1
  • Take part in ongoing discussions about gender equity by joining the equity in medicine community of interest on the CMA’s new community engagement platform
  • Register for a live webinar on equity in advance of International Women’s Day. Dr. Kim Kelly will be hosting a panel discussion with CMA President Dr. Gigi Osler and Dr. Beverly Johnson of FMWC on Tuesday, March 5 from 8 to 9 pm ET

The Lancet’s theme issue, Advancing Women in Science, Medicine, and Global Health, is the product of an international call for papers resulting in over 300 submissions from around the world. Released February 8, the collection highlights that gender equity in science is not only a matter of justice and rights but is crucial to producing the best research and health care for patients.

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