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The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is sharing its new strategy, Impact 2040, to realize a future of better health. Through this rolling strategy, the CMA aims to achieve:

  • a health system that is sustainable, more accessible and patient partnered;
  • a new medical culture that is focused on physical and mental well-being and one that embraces equity and diversity; and
  • a society where every individual has an equal opportunity to be healthy.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted what many medical professionals have known for years. The gaps in our health system, the disparity in health outcomes and the pressures in medical culture are widening and putting our future health at risk. This strategy seizes on the urgent need for change.” – Dr. Ann Collins, CMA president

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The development of Impact 2040 was informed by broad-based research and consultation with members, stakeholders and patients about the ways the CMA could have the greatest impact on health, health systems and the health workforce in Canada.  

Governance changes needed to support bold future

This strategy was also shaped by the racism and inequities in health care and society that have been exposed over the past year. To realize Impact 2040, the CMA must have mechanisms in place to ensure equity and diversity within its own organization.  

The CMA has reviewed its governance model and is proposing changes to promote diversity in its presidency, and at its board and committee tables. These include shifting to a national election for CMA president, creating a Leadership and Diversity Search Committee for CMA board, committee and other leadership positions, and providing coaching and support to potential candidates.

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Next month, the CMA will be holding webinars for members to learn more about these proposed changes and their importance to Impact 2040:  

  • June 1 – English session
  • June 3 – French session

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These governance changes will be presented for approval at the CMA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Aug. 22, 2021.

Impact 2040 is an evolving strategy; the CMA plans to continue to work with many partners to develop initiatives to support its goals and respond to emerging issues and health innovations. These discussions are taking place at the CMA Health Summit Series next month and at the CMA AGM in August, and will extend into 2022.

“We have faced unprecedented challenges in the past year, and we can’t return to the status quo. We are eager to build on the insights and ideas of physicians, partners and patients to flesh out the initiatives needed to create lasting change,” said Dr. Collins.

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