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After a one-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the CMA Health Summit is returning with a series of three virtual, interactive sessions exploring what’s needed to rebuild health, the health care system and the medical profession.

Registration opens today for the first session – Canada’s Universal Health Care System – Myth or Reality? – on May 18 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm ET.


Keynote speakers Dr. Danielle Martin and Dr. Nadine Caron will explore the gaps COVID-19 has exposed in Canada’s health care system and the steps needed to rebuild it. They will then be joined by The Globe and Mail health columnist André Picard and patient advocate Sudi Barre for a panel discussion on how to fix our health system and ensure it’s more equitable moving forward.

“I think the concept of a universal health care system is what we aspire to. But I think we all knew in our gut that we didn't have it.” – Dr. Nadine Caron

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Thirty-minute Q&A sessions and small, interactive breakout groups will allow participants to connect and engage on how to rebuild the health system. These ideas and insights will help shape the CMA’s future work.

“The pandemic has exposed troubling gaps in Canada’s health care system and left many people on the sidelines,” said CMA President Dr. Ann Collins. “We need to confront long-established views and reframe how we think of health.”

Future sessions in the 2021 CMA Health Summit series – on June 17 and Aug. 22 – will focus on health equity and a reimagined culture of medicine.

The series is the start of a broader movement to help bring about meaningful change to create a health system that is sustainable, more accessible and patient partnered; a society where every individual has equal opportunities to be healthy; and a new medical culture focused on physical and mental well-being, and one that embraces equity and diversity.

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