Canadian Medical Association

From one poll to the next, the picture is clear: Canadians are worried about health care. And today’s latest findings by Ipsos shed new light on what Canadians expect from our federal leaders to improve health care.

So, we turn to you, Canada’s Premiers, to respectfully request your help to deliver a clear message to federal leaders, and more specifically, to all political parties heading into the next federal election: Put health back on the agenda!

A majority of Canadians (60%) said their vote will be determined by who has the best plan for the future of health care. When asked what they would ask the federal government for if they were Premier, access to care (35%) and funding (19%) were top of the list.

With today’s technology, why is virtual care not readily available to most Canadians? Why are so many Canadians without a family physician? Why are mental health services and resources to support our youth and vulnerable populations so scarce? And why are we treating seniors like second-class citizens, relying on hospitals when they could be better cared for in their community or at home?

These are just some of the questions we’re asking federal candidates – questions that are on your minds as well as you try to find ways to fund and support our already overburdened health system.

So please, join us in sending a clear message. What Canadians, patients, physicians, health care providers all want is action now! The next federal election will be the perfect opportunity for federal leaders to make commitments that will truly make a difference for better health and improved lives for all Canadians.

Dr. Gigi Osler, President
Canadian Medical Association