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Massive backlogs, an acute shortage of family doctors and record-high burnout among health care workers have become the norm in health care. But the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has been leading a movement of physicians challenging that status quo – and decision-makers are listening. From increases in federal health funding to advancements in physician mobility, it’s clear our advocacy is moving the dial on relevant long-term system reform. And we’re not done yet. We continue to work with physicians and health partners across the country to ensure a better future of care – with a focus on those areas where we can have the greatest impact: 

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Public and private care

Governments are looking at every option to address the ongoing crisis in access to care – including increasing the role of the private sector in public health care. To understand Canadians’ perspective on this issue – and inform our policy and advocacy work – the CMA conducted a national listening tour with providers, patients and the general public in 2023/2024. Learn more about what we heard and what’s next. ​​​​​

Indigenous health

Improving health outcomes for Indigenous Peoples must start with Indigenous voices leading the way. The CMA’s work is steered by First Nations, Metis and Inuit experts and knowledge-keepers. This includes a new Indigenous health goal and work towards an apology, as the national voice of physicians, for the harms to Indigenous Peoples. Learn more about our commitment to reconciliation in health care

Administrative burden

Unnecessary administrative tasks take time away from patient care and significantly impact physicians’ mental health. In collaboration with provincial and territorial medical associations, we’re working to reduce the administrative burden for doctors across the country.​​​​

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Integrated health-workforce planning

Providing the right care at the right time requires integrated health workforce planning at a national level. We bring together key stakeholders to break down silos in health care and drive long-term change, together.

Health Care Crisis

Pan-Canadian licensure

Greater physician mobility can improve patients’ access to care, and support provider wellbeing. We’re building on momentum at regional and federal levels. 

Health Care Crisis

A framework for physicians’ physical, psychological and cultural safety

Health providers are experiencing unprecedented rates of distress – with some leaving their professions entirely. We convene critical stakeholders to address unsafe work environments in health care and advance a more inclusive, supportive culture of medicine.

Net zero

Health care should be as good for the planet as it is for patients. The CMA is advocating for a climate-resilient, net-zero health system to help mitigate the impacts of climate change and ensure a healthier future.

Aging with dignity in the community 

Canada is undergoing a massive demographic shift, and our health system is not prepared to adequately meet the growing needs of older adults. We’re advocating for robust systems of support to allow aging with dignity in our communities.

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