Canadian Medical Association

Thunder Bay, Ont.; Queen’s University, 1981; family medicine. Died Nov. 12, 2020, aged 65, “after battling Type 1 diabetes for 57 years.” Survived by her husband, Fraser Coull, and a stepdaughter. “On graduating she was determined that her patients would get her undivided attention, with this question asked after each appointment: ‘Is there anything else I can help you with today?’ Christine’s career started with the Spence Clinic in Thunder Bay, but when Fraser was transferred to Vancouver they packed up and she took a position at the Downtown East Side Clinic (skid row). This was truly a challenge, as she never saw a well patient. Christine treated each patient she saw with respect and afforded them the quality care which she felt they deserved. Christine also did locums at the Burnaby, BC, Women’s Penitentiary. When they moved back to Thunder Bay, Christine was the first physician at the Ogden East End Health Centre. She then moved on to the Spence Clinic and, after a stroke, she finished her career at the Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital. Christine’s patients always came first. She did not care where they came from or who they were. Their care and well-being were the only things that mattered.”

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