Canadian Medical Association

Langley, BC; Dalhousie University, 1970. Died April 3, 2018, aged 76. Survived by his wife Juanita, 2 sons, a stepson and 7 grandchildren. “While at Dalhousie he was president of the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, and he compared his time in the fraternity to Animal House, the movie starring John Belushi. Murray would roar with laughter each time he watched it, as it reminded him so much of those days. After graduating from Dalhousie, he drove across Canada to Vancouver to work with the World Health Organization. He discovered nearby Langley, BC, and decided this was where he wanted to hang his hat and shingle. He spent a year working with Dr. Fred Ceresney before opening his own office in 1971. He received his practice privileges at the Langley Memorial Hospital and was well respected during his 31 years of service. Murray reluctantly retired in 2001, 6 years after his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. He would always talk about how much he missed medicine.”

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