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Dr. Nav Persaud

Dr. Nav Persaud

It’s a question Dr. Nav Persaud has asked himself too often. “Why did I spend all those years training to become a doctor if at the end of it, when I give someone a diagnosis, they don’t fully benefit because they can’t afford the treatment?”

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2018 CMA member survey

7 in 10

physicians frequently ask patients about drug coverage, indicating coverage is a barrier for many people


2018 CMA member survey


of physicians say patients without drug coverage do not fill prescriptions


CMAJ Open article

$6.5 billion

is how much Canadian households spent out of pocket on prescription drugs in 2014 


2015 CIHI report


of total health care expenditures in Canada are drug-related

CMA activity and submissions


October 2, 2018

CMA submission: Implementation of national pharmacare

In this submission to the Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare, the CMA urges the federal government to explore universal coverage for 125 essential medicines

June 28, 2017

CMA response: Patented Medicines Regulations Consultations

The CMA calls for revisions to Patented Medicines Prices Review Board regulations to ensure: a) transparency and clarity in setting patented medicine prices; b) the lowest possible costs; and c) continued access to a wide variety of pharmaceutical products

March 4, 2017

Position statement on prescription drug shortages in Canada

A new CMA policy on prescription drug shortages in Canada calls for a review of the drug supply system to identify underlying causes of supply problems and a monitoring unit to track drug production disruptions in Canada and abroad


June 1, 2016

National Pharmacare in Canada: Getting There from Here

In a submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health, the CMA calls for federal leadership and financial contribution to support a national pharmacare program on par with Canada’s Medicare program

May 20, 2016

Direct-to-consumer advertising

CMA publishes a policy on direct-to-consumer advertising related to prescription drugs and other therapeutic interventions opposing the practice and calling for objective, evidence-based, plain-language information on prescription drugs for the public


July 13, 2010

Health Care Transformation in Canada: Change that Works, Care that Lasts

(Reviewed March 3, 2018) The CMA publishes Health Care Transformation in Canada, declaring its readiness to take a leadership position in making health care work better for Canadians and setting out a framework for transformation.

Tools & Resources


Implementing pharmacare

Canada’s physicians are very concerned about their patients’ access to prescription medicines. This submission to the Federal Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare explores how national pharmacare could be delivered and which drugs should be covered.


Medication use and seniors

Older Canadians are the largest users of prescription drugs. They’re also at greater risk of adverse drug interactions. This two-page policy summary defines the basic steps physicians should follow to ensure appropriate prescribing for seniors.

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National Pharmacare in Canada: Getting There from Here

Our 2016 submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health outlines why a national pharmacare program is needed and our recommendations for making it happen.

Pharmacare Now: Prescription Medicine Coverage for all Canadians

Read the findings of the 2018 House of Commons study on pharmacare and its recommendations for moving toward universal, single-payer, prescription drug coverage.

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