Canadian Medical Association

A snapshot of Canada’s physicians: Facts and statistics

Everything from the number of physicians working in Canada, to demographics and specialty numbers, workload and remuneration.

Career planning: Specialty profiles

Key facts about various specialties, their income, educational requirements, supply and more.

For years, the CMA has been using surveys to ask physicians about their practices. Topics have ranged from workload to adoption of information technology in their practices. These surveys have allowed PDC to observe changing trends in the physician workforce in Canada over the years.

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CMA Physician Workforce Survey (2019)

While continuing to examine aspects of physicians’ practices such as their work setting and hours of work, the 2019 CMA Physician Workforce Survey focused on physicians’ thoughts on national licensure as well we their use of information technology.

CMA Physician Workforce Survey (2017)

The CMA Workforce Survey aimed to collect information from physicians on a wide range of topics relating to their practices in Canada, including but not limited to workload, practice settings, remuneration methods, waiting times, use of information technology and employment. The information collected builds on the work done through the National Physician Survey.

Physician Resource Questionnaires (1998-2003)

Prior to the National Physician Survey, the CMA conducted annual physician resource surveys. Select results from those surveys are posted on CMAJ.

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