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Transforming attitudes, practices and systems to create a positive medical culture 

Healthy, fulfilled physicians perform at a higher level and contribute to better patient outcomes. Yet many doctors, residents, medical students and educators report burnout, depression and other concerns at some point in their career* — and countless others stay silent out of fear of stigma. Together, we can do better.

Supporting physician well-being

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) created the Physician Wellness Hub to drive change in the culture of medicine, and promote health and wellness in the medical profession for the benefit of practitioners, the health system and all Canadians. The Hub aims to improve physician wellness and mental health individually and at the system level, and to promote a collaborative approach to physician health and well-being. 

The CMA worked with the provincial and territorial medical associations and provincial health programs, other medical stakeholders and physicians to leverage their input and enhance resources that are already in place for physicians, medical learners and educators.

The Hub includes original CMA content and curated information from other trusted sources in the form of resources for physicians, residents, medical students and educators seeking guidance and wellness self-help. It also has material for those leading wellness initiatives in institutions or medical departments.

What to know about the Hub:

  • All of its content has been vetted by a team of experts.
  • It provides a convenient repository of resources, tools, insights and guidance to compel meaningful action.
  • It breaks down silos and promotes knowledge-sharing.
  • It fosters community and enables trusted, ongoing peer-to-peer connection and collaboration.
  • It aims to reduce personal, cultural and occupational barriers and promote behaviours, practices and conditions that optimize health and wellness.

The Hub is one of several CMA initiatives to lead physician health and wellness in Canada and internationally. By 2030, CMA wants to ensure the Canadian health care system supports the healthiest and most fulfilled physicians in the world.

*2021 CMA National Physician Health Survey

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