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“Racism can occur in so many different contexts. For physicians, it’s highly demoralizing and puts us at risk of burnout when we face patient encounters that are racist in nature, and then find ourselves in a system that we don’t feel part of – or are oppressed in some way.” – Dr. Kenneth Fung

From being mistaken for an orderly, being asked to speak English in a staff room or being passed over for leadership positions, Black, Indigenous and physicians of color have many experiences of racism in medical culture.  

In this episode, Dr. Kenneth Fung, psychiatrist and clinical director of the Asian Initiative in Mental Health at Toronto Western Hospital, and Dr. Joseph Mpalirwa, family physician and co-author of the new study “Patients, Pride, and Prejudice: Exploring Black Ontarian Physicians’ Experiences of Racism and Discrimination”, talk to Dr. Caroline Gérin-Lajoie about the impacts of racism in medicine on physicians, residents and medical students and the ways it can affect their wellness.

This episode is available in English only.  


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