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A career in medicine is challenging and demanding, but there are ways to manage the stress. Even though some of the causes of that stress, such as medical culture and the health care system itself, require large-scale, long-term efforts to change, developing individual resilience is something you can do today to support your own well-being. 

Resilience is an indicator of physician wellness and a critical skill for health care professionals.

According to the CMA 2017 National Physician Health Survey:

  • 82% of physicians report high resiliency.
  • Physicians with five or fewer years in practice are more likely to experience burnout and have low resilience. 
  • Women are 43% more likely to report low resilience than men.
  • Concerns with mental health, resilience, burnout, depression and suicidal ideation affect all areas of practice and residency. 

Resilience training can help you overcome difficulties and position you for a sustainable career in medicine. Here are some links to physician-focused, innovative and coordinated approaches to resilience:

Results from the latest 2021 National Physician Health Survey and more recent physician health and wellness data are available here.

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