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St. John’s; Memorial University of Newfoundland, 1980; pediatrics. Died April 28, 2020, aged 66. “Debbie graduated from high school in 1972 and went to Dalhousie University to study science, with the ambition of getting into medical school. Being an intelligent woman, she ascertained (rightfully so) that, at the time, being accepted to med school as a female might be tricky, so she applied as D.H. Reid instead of Debbie, and it worked — she was accepted at Memorial and, after graduating, went on to pediatric training in London, Ont. When her training was complete it was back to St. John’s, where she spent her entire career in pediatric medicine and pediatric critical care, first at the original Janeway Hospital and then at the new Janeway. And how she loved her work at the hospital, how she loved the kids and their families. She would go to great lengths for ‘her kids,’ taking in movies and treats and books, anything to keep up their spirits. She adored them. Debbie died the way she wanted, privately and on her terms. She gave up chemo when it became apparent that she was sicker with it than without it. And she chose to die at home, in familiar surroundings. The hospital was not for her! She had spent all her adult life in the hospital, usually in the pediatric intensive care unit that she not only established but also ran — like the captain of a ship. And her ‘crew’ was intensely proud of her and loyal to her. [When she retired due to ill health], a plaque was placed at the Janeway. It read, in part: ‘In honour of Dr. Debbie Reid, Founder of Modern Pediatric Critical Care in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.’ ”

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