Canadian Medical Association

Thornhill, Ont.; University of Toronto (U of T), 1947; family medicine; professor emeritus, U of T; honorary consul of Ecuador (Toronto). Died Nov. 22, 2020, aged 97. Survived by his wife Lois, 3 children and 5 grandchildren. “This wet-behind-the-ears doctor [went to Quito, Ecuador, in 1949], pulling bodies out of an earthquake site, stopping his car just before the road fell away into a great gap left by the quake. And telling stories in a way that stirred listeners to give multiplied thousands to build a hospital for Ecuador’s poor. . . . Paul had a ‘can-do’ confidence that, with God's help, he could pull off whatever needed to be done, whether it was driving an ambulance up a steep riverbank on 2 skinny planks, and around hairpin mountain turns. Or rigging up a litter and helping to carry a desperately ill woman missionary 6 hours through the jungle night to a safe delivery at Hospital Vozandes. This confidence carried through when he returned to Canada where, in 1968, he was enlisted to help open Toronto’s new university hospital, Sunnybrook; in almost every department he was a key player on the team. When he retired, he was acting chief of family medicine and full professor at the U of T.”

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